Why Sport Wears Gloves

- Jun 13, 2018 -

Why wear gloves when exercising? In fact, wearing or not wearing is a personal choice. Some people do not like to wear gloves to exercise. Because a layer of cloth blocking the direct contact makes them feel uncontrollable, but some people do not wear it once. When wearing a fitness glove, it feels wrong, so what are the advantages of wearing fitness gloves?

◆Better grip

One of the most important advantages of wearing a fitness glove is that it allows you to have a better grip when exercising. When you hold a dumbbell or a barbell, some people may have problems with the slide bar, especially the palm. Sweaty people. The non-slip design of the fitness glove on the palm part makes the user less likely to slide under the influence of sweat when gripping the equipment, and also makes the user safer when doing exercises such as lifting weights, weight lifting and body-pulling.

◆Feel more comfortable

The use of a lot of hand movements such as hard lifts, sticks, bench presses, etc. If it is easy to feel uncomfortable we may soon end or give up this sport. After all, sports equipment is a hard, cold appliance. Some unarmed fitness people and people with thin palms feel uncomfortable; when the weather is cold, the cold irons are even less pleasing, so they are relatively soft. Fitness gloves can increase the comfort of sports, and the increase in comfort can also lead to an increase in athletic performance or to make sports longer.

Long-term weightlifting will also make it easier for the palm of your hand to grow many blisters and blisters, especially for female athletes. But there are exceptions. Can you wear a pair of fitness gloves to make it last once and for all? Wrong! If you don’t have the correct grip, you may be prone to wear even if you wear gloves. In addition, although some male athletes do not care about long palms, small blisters may make it impossible for you to use dumbbells in a short time. Therefore, wearing fitness gloves can help solve this problem.

◆Increase wrist support

There are some brands of fitness gloves designed to add extra wrist support, such as the design of the devil felt, just like extra ligaments, so that you can tighten the part of the wrist to increase the stability, while doing the wrist back fold action It is more supportive; at the same time, it can also achieve a certain degree of wrist protection.

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