Why Do Bicycle Gloves Use Superfiber

- Aug 04, 2018 -

Most of the time we see the palm of the bicycle gloves is basically super fiber, other materials may be less, some people will ask why is the other material is super fiber can not? This is certainly possible, mainly the bicycle in the process of cycling will have some symptoms, and super fiber material just can solve these symptoms, which is why the bicycle gloves in the palm of the super fiber reason. What are the symptoms of that? What can Superfiber make up for it?

1. riding in the course of the hand wearing gloves hold hands, the distance is far, the hand will sweat, and the super fiber has a very strong air permeability, it can be a good solution to this problem, keep the hands dry.

2. the hand and hand wearing gloves in the cycling will be frictional in the continuous coexistence. The super fiber has a strong wear resistance and the fabric is soft, so it will be more comfortable to wear and the hands will not be slippery.

3. Cycling gloves in constant friction and perspiration are easy to break, but the ability of ultra-fiber anti-aging is stronger, so the problem will be solved.

4. now is the era of promoting environmental protection. Ultra fiber has environmental protection effect and is in line with the development of the times.

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