Why Are Different People Suitable For Different Gloves?

- Aug 04, 2018 -

Different types of people wear gloves, and gloves factories are based on industry, age, sex, and so on, and gloves are a small suggestion for friends who are worried about choosing gloves.

According to industry gloves, there are 8 types: medical gloves, labor gloves, fitness gloves, locomotive gloves, riding gloves, disposable gloves, boxing gloves, golf gloves, the style, exterior, color and material of these 8 gloves are different, each pair of gloves has its own different advantages, each pair of gloves It has its own unique functions.

There are five types of gloves according to age: children's gloves, home gloves, old people's gloves, young people's gloves, middle-aged gloves, etc. Generally like children, the elderly gloves on the important thing is to play a hand warmth, gloves have become a cold area warmth essential. No matter how cold it is, you can go out without fear of freezing your hands. In cold weather, we can also enjoy some outdoor sports. Without it, it is estimated that few people dare to go out in winter.

According to the sex glove classification has 2 types: mainly divided into men's gloves, women gloves, from the appearance of women gloves must be more beautiful than men's gloves, that is to be warm and can play a decorative role, decorative gloves are beautiful, mostly through embroidery, nail beads and other art processing.

Generally speaking, men's gloves do not require much on the appearance as long as the gloves are thicker and thicker to improve wear resistance, skid resistance and waterproof performance.

So when we choose gloves, we must choose gloves that are more suitable for us so that we can play the value of gloves.

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