What Types Of Hats Are Children Not Suitable For?

- Jul 13, 2018 -

Parents in winter are especially concerned about the child's warmth. They are very worried that the child will be cold and cold, so they will pay special attention to the child's wearing. But is the parent's way of keeping warm to the child correct? This winter warm hat must not be given to the child. wore.

◆Lace-up hat: If a long rope is attached to the hat, it is easy to wrap the baby's neck and cause an accident.

◆Hat with metal or button: Small parts can be easily eaten by your baby.

◆Chemical fiber material hats: Chemical fiber, wool, animal fur and other materials may induce allergies; some artificial leather hats have poor air permeability and are not recommended for purchase.

◆Hat with a hat: Wear a hat for the child according to the environment. For example, when the sun is strong, it is best to wear a hat with a brim. On a rainy day with low temperatures, it is best to wear a hat without a hat for the child, so that it will not affect the child's sight.

Child warm hat.jpg

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