What To Pay Attention To When Buying Baby Shoes

- Jul 20, 2018 -

Seventy percent of the children's feet are cartilage, and the foot support is different from that of adults: 70% of the baby's feet are cartilage. When standing, the shape of the foot is often deformed by the weight of the weight, and the burden of the foot is beyond imagination. ....

The shape of the foot in the shoe is different from that of an adult: the baby's foot shape is fan-shaped; the adult's foot shape is thicker at the front end.

The walking style is different from that of the adult: the way the child walks is that the heel and the toes are at the same time, and the following steps are taken to balance the left and right, which is extremely unstable.

Hazard of foot impact: The impact from the footsteps is easily transmitted to the whole body and the brain; the baby's feet do not have a shock-absorbing cushion before the formation of the arch.

The study found that choosing the wrong shoes from a small age is the cause of the following foot lesions: flat feet, thumb valgus, depressed fingers, and valgus feet.

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