What's The Difference Between A Winter Bicycle Glove And A Skiing Glove?

- Mar 02, 2018 -

What's the difference between a winter bicycle glove and a skiing glove?

Winter road bicycle gloves

Product Description: this glove is light and easy to use. It is more suitable for women. The color matching is bold and avant-garde. It uses environmentally-friendly, non-toxic superfine fiber and highly elastic SBR composite high elastic knitted fabric. It sticks your hands and lets your fingers move flexibly. It's a necessity for a road ride.

Ski gloves

Product Description: all rely on the ski poles to complete so demanding gloves. This section uses silicone glove palm print technology of superfine fiber, can effectively anti-skid, wear-resistant, can hold all poles to enhance the safety coefficient. The back of hand is made of natural leather and water repellent silk velvet. Gloves are not easy to damp. The watertight bags with strong insulation and strong permeability are waterproof, breathable and warm. The tight humanized design of the big wristlets can cover the cuffs to prevent the froth from splashing into the cuff and melting into the water into the glove. The folding process at the end of the finger joint effectively alleviated the protection of the conflict and prevented the joint from slipping and impacting. It's an essential for skiing protection.

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