What's Good For A Bicycle Sport Glove

- Jan 10, 2018 -

What's good for a bicycle sport glove

1. Breathable

In order to avoid bicycle sport glove, the surface material is made up of three layers of mesh cloth, Lekab and commonly used sandwich net cloth, and three layers of laminated cloth combined with three layers of cloth. Among them, Lycra cloth has elasticity and permeability and is most widely used. Three laminated cloth brush cloth waterproof breathable membrane cloth, the outermost layer of the middle layer and a water repellent is cold, and are often used in cold area.

2. Shock absorption

The effect of shock absorption bicycle sports gloves lined in order for the foam, EVA, memory foam, shock absorbing gel (Gel), professional bicycle gloves used for memory foam and shock absorbing gel, the purchase can be easy identification: press pad, poor elasticity for foam, can slow up for global memory soft, elastic and smooth motion as the shock absorbing gel. Because the memory foam will show hold shape, can be better compared with the bicycle handle grip, shock absorbing gel shock absorption performance slightly worse, but suitable for riding flat terrain vehicle or recreational vehicle gloves. The off-road vehicles and the extreme sports vehicles are more suitable to use the shock absorber to prevent the earthquake and provide support protection when they are slipped down. EVA material is less hard and elastic, and professional gloves are less used.

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