What Kind Of Gloves Are Warm In Winter?

- Jul 20, 2018 -

The velvet gloves can be wool outside, and there is a layer of velvet inside. The gloves of the wool are usually very good, because there are small holes leaking, and the layer of velvet is much better.

(1) It is advisable to purchase a large and small size. Too big to reach the warmth effect, and make the finger movement inconvenient; too small to block the blood circulation of the hand, easily cause discomfort.

(2) Wearing gloves for cycling in winter, it is not advisable to purchase artificial leather, nylon or over-thick materials. Because the winter artificial leather is easy to be hard; the nylon is too slippery, the friction is small, and it is easy to slip when riding; the thick material makes the fingers inconvenient, which is not conducive to cycling safety.

(3) If the skin of the child's hand is tender, it is advisable to purchase a soft cotton wool or elastic nylon fabric.

(4) The elderly have poor blood circulation, the hands and feet are particularly cold and the skin is dry. Therefore, you should buy soft and soft fur, wool and cotton gloves.

(5) Patients with excessive sweating, the skin of the hands in winter is blue and purple, and they are consciously wet and cold, but the palms are easy to sweat. When purchasing gloves, these people should choose cotton gloves that are both warm and have good water absorption.

(6) People suffering from chapped hands and feet, splitting in winter. Since the hands need to be scrubbed every day, it is best to buy two layers of gloves, and the inner layer of gloves should be made of thin cotton fabric for easy washing.

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