What Is The Role Of Ski Gloves And Windproof Fabrics?

- Jul 26, 2018 -

The fabric outside the ski gloves is definitely a bit different from the others, because the ski gloves are used in heavy snow and snow, so the windproof cloth outside the ski gloves has its own characteristics. Ski gloves windproof cloth, Changhong gloves, ski gloves, gloves windproof fabric refers to fabrics with windproof effect, these fabrics generally need coating or film treatment, or the density of the fabric itself is very high. This can be used to see the windproof effect of the fabric with the breathability test of the fabric. After coating treatment or film treatment: basically all the fabrics can achieve the windproof effect by this means, and can be made to be impenetrable, that is, the gas permeability test is zero. If the fabric of the fabric itself is used to achieve the windproof effect, the most typical example is knitted fabric and woven fabric. Because of the high density and the interweaving point, the woven fabric is not as porous as the knitted fabric, so when it is worn in winter. Relatively warm, that is, no air leakage; in woven fabrics, the higher the density, the better the wind resistance, but the fabric density is better than the fabric treated by the coating or film. After all, it still needs a little wind. Therefore, the windproofness of the ski gloves is very good, and the density is relatively high, which is just suitable for the effect that the ski gloves should achieve when using.

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