What Hairstyle Looks Good With A Hat?

- Aug 19, 2018 -

What hairstyle looks good with a hat? Cold winter hats can not only keep warm, but also be used by many girls to dress up beautiful items, what is the most suitable hairstyle to wear a hat? Xiaobian shares two hats for you, wide-brimmed hat and Beret with a little bit of knitting, the whole shape will look good, knitting + hat this winter is perfect, come and see.

Long hairs with wide-brimmed hats are nice to look at, but adding a little knitting will make the styling more stylish and personalized, and look sweeter. Generally speaking, the hat with knitted hair will be more perfect.

Step 1: After long curls are combed, side-wise, the hairline does not need to be too straight. A slight radian may look better.

Step 2: Take three little bundles of hair from the top of your head. Look at the three strands of braided hair. At the beginning, you add other hair while you are braiding.

Step 3: When it comes to the top of the ear, it's just the simplest triple braid, no more hair, and finally it's fixed with a rubber band.

Step 4: gently drags the hair with your hands, and gently pulls the hair according to the weaving pattern, so that the braids are more personalized.

Step 5: then spray the stereotypes on the shape so that the shape can last longer.

Step 6: finally, use good hair rope to tie up the tail, cover the unattractive rubber band, and then bring the broad eaves cap. A little adjustment of the lower hair is done.

The wide eaves hat may be too much for everyday work, so more girls like berets.

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