Touch Screen Glove Into The Car Gift Market

- Aug 04, 2018 -

The cooling of the weather has led to more and more problems facing cars, including auto antifreeze, car maintenance in winter, air quality in the car, and temperature and so on. The drop in temperature has led to increased sales of touch screen gloves and increased driving problems. After the high speed, the temperature dropped suddenly, even though the air-conditioner in the vehicle was kept open, it still felt cold. Especially when the hands are on the steering wheel, it feels cold.

In the winter, especially the female friends, it is better to be able to load the car with a flush steering wheel, not only to protect the steering from scraping, but also to play the role of warm hands. For friends who drive at night, they often encounter large changes in temperature. Steering wheel sets are especially necessary.

Now the car steering wheel mostly use two kinds of material, foam plastic and leather, real skin although the appearance is elegant and noble, but the heating effect is not even as good as plastic. Although plastics are soft and wear resistant, the disadvantage is that they do not sweat. Therefore, whether it is genuine leather or plastic, it is necessary to install steering wheel sets in winter. Steering wheel set to solve the palm warm problem, but the back of the hand still exposed under the cold, for the beauty, like to maintain the hand of female drivers, the steering wheel is still not a perfect solution, some female driver friends choose gloves, some material thin and warm gloves, this year became very The choice of multiple female drivers. The problem of warm hands has been solved, and new problems have emerged. If you need to use GPS navigator when driving, then you need to constantly take off your gloves and touch GPS. This is undoubtedly an increase in the safety risk of driving.

By implanting a conductive yarn on the core of the glove at the end of the glove, touch screen gloves can be used to wear gloves, play mobile phones, and, of course, to manipulate GPS and other touch screen electronic devices, which solves the problem of driving a cluster of freeze-winters in the winter. At the same time, we can use GPS, tablet computers, and smart machines without having to take off gloves. Subproduct.

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