Tips For Choosing Gloves

- Sep 04, 2017 -

A look: Through the cortex surface cleaning texture and pores to identify the finest small sheepskin, through the skin section of the fiber to see the flexible sheepskin fiber!

Second smell: Especially after the pure hand-polished head layer of small sheepskin, Pishan taste more intense; however, those with skin or imitation leather gloves usually have a taste of chemical paint!

Three touches: Top small sheepskin outer layer is very silky, the inner layer because the sheepskin fragrance is very delicate, the skin is also super delicate and comfortable, but the cotton and even chemical polyester are more hard!

Four burning: The real small sheepskin and cowhide and other natural skins, the Ashes left behind after burning is easy to twist into powder-like fingers, while emitting protein (such as egg burning) of the taste, a fragrance.

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