The Role Of Riding Gloves

- May 14, 2018 -


Sweat-absorbent, non-slip, breathable, protects palms and wrists. Absorbs sweat, breathable and non-slip. When a bicycle is in a high-speed state of motion, the control effect of the rider on the bicycle largely depends on the hand kung fu. The exquisitely crafted riding gloves are full of non-skid effects. Breathability depends on the material and size of the gloves. The protection of the palm of the hand is mainly reflected in the rollover. The rider often touches the ground first with the palm of the hand to make the body landing slowly. If there is no glove for shock absorption, such actions can easily cause the palm to be worn and seriously damage the joint.

1, has a certain degree of wind and warmth.

2, the inside of the finger has a special design of anti-slip.

Basically, everyone uses a dual-control handle. The glove has a special non-slip design on the finger, which is very helpful for operation.

3, the palm part of the cushion.

The cushion is a necessary design for cycling gloves. The pad not only increases comfort but also prevents slipping. It should be noted here that the thicker the liner is, the better, and the thicker liner will not make the handlebar very docile, but it will have a sense of abruptness, but it is not comfortable and is not conducive to operation.

4, the thumb or the tiger's mouth has a wear layer.

This is the same principle as the pad, and the effect will be more obvious when you hold the handlebar or change hands.

5, the wrist is longer.

It is still warm. If you don't use professional winter riding tops, or your sleeves aren't tight enough, or you don't want to put air into the sleeves, then the wristbands are a bit longer.

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