The Role Of Cycling Hats Caps

- Aug 12, 2018 -

In the century-old history of Tour de France, before the invention of bicycle helmets, there was always a world of riding caps! This kind of hat is made of polyester or breathable cloth, similar to a melon skin cap, with a soft edge in front. The main role is to prevent sweat from dripping into the eyes and blocking the direct light from the eyes, so that the driver maintains good judgment. ability.

At that time, due to the lack of helmet protection, sudden death of drivers or accidental deaths often occurred. After about the 1980s and 1990s, the overall shaped bicycle helmet was invented and became the standard equipment for the competition, but due to the Tour de France. The historical role of the small hat, Practicality, classic nostalgia, and the fact that the race needs to cross the cold mountains of the Alps, the riding cap did not exit the historical stage of the Tour de France because of the appearance of the helmet. Many drivers wear it in the helmet. To keep warm and protect the sun, The role of maintaining clear judgment, we know that the main role of the helmet is to protect, and there are many heat sinks, heat dissipation is particularly fast, but in some high mountain cold roads, the high heat dissipation of the helmet has become an obstacle to the driver's brain judgment., When downhill, the heat dissipation is too fast, the head is cold, and it is easy to lose judgment. The turban is not as good as the riding cap in terms of shape and warmth. Therefore, in some high mountain cold sections of the game, there are still many drivers who choose to ride small hats.

Riding caps are absolutely necessary in a kit. It provides both fashion sense and functionality. It keeps you dry, prevents rain from hitting your eyes, protects you in the sunny spring and autumn days, and is finally part of the biker's "weird" costume. The raised cornice can also bring about personality.

The main role of wearing riding caps:

1, absorb sweat to keep warm, prevent sweat from flowing into the eyes

2, block the sun, prevent rain dripping on the glasses

3, protect hair from dirty air, but also prevent hair from the helmet lining ups and downs

4, the embodiment of fashion personality

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