The Material Classification Of Warm Shoes

- Sep 23, 2018 -

Warm shoes refer to shoes made of natural or synthetic materials that have the first function of keeping warm and have appropriate decorative properties. Warm shoes are divided into several general categories according to different materials or processes.

Material classification

1, traditional cotton shoes. The traditional cotton is used as a filler, the auxiliary material is made of cloth, and the insole is generally the original thousand-layer bottom. This kind of warm shoe shoe product is using the traditional original production technology. This kind of warm shoes has better comfort. The disadvantage is that cotton is easy to knot, easy to be damp, poor air permeability, and is currently basically eliminated.

2, using artificial synthetic materials(such as silk) and other materials made of warm shoes

This kind of shoes are beautiful and generous, but comfort is inferior to products made of natural materials.

3, fur warm shoes(wool, dog hair, rabbit hair and other natural leather materials as the main material made of warm shoes)

At present, regardless of the material, style, comfort, etc. are the most popular warm shoes. This type of shoe is generally made of natural lamb wool as a raw material. At present, in the domestic professional lamb fur fur one shoe has Olin and other brands.

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