Russia's World Cup, Kissing Degea's Gloves After Isco's Match

- Jun 22, 2018 -

At 2 o'clock on the morning of June 21st, Beijing time, Spain's Group B of Spain's World Cup team began to compete with the Iranian team. Diego Costa scored a goal in the second half to ensure Spain scored 3 points from the Persian Iron Rider. After Spain won its first victory in the World Cup, Isco kissed the goalkeeper De Gea's gloves to celebrate.

In the first match against Portugal in the group stage, the two teams tied for 3-3. Due to his huge mistakes, Degea “sent” to Ronaldo and he became a “sinner”. Spanish fans even petitioned to oppose Degea as the goalkeeper in the second group match. However, the Spanish coach is full of confidence to the Manchester United goalkeeper.

In addition, it seems that teammates also strongly support Degea. After winning the match, Isco rushed to Degea and kissed his gloves.

"We have experienced a lot and this game is very meaningful from all angles." Real Madrid's midfielder Isco also commented on the Iranian team's performance: "They have been delaying their time and using all their tricks."

De Gea's gloves

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