Selection of outdoor exercise gloves

- Sep 15, 2018 -

Although outdoor gloves do not seem to be an important equipment, in fact, in the winter outdoor activities, its role can not be underestimated. In the outdoor activities, a pair of handy outdoor gloves will play a crucial role in the wild crossing and climbing activities of donkey friends. Especially with the advent of winter, the warmth and comfort of both hands directly determine the comfort of the human body in the cold weather. In outdoor sports, jungle crossing, wild climbing, skiing and other activities all need to rely on the hands to hold the climbing stick, climbing the jungle, rock and sliding snow stick and other activities with certain difficulty, all rely on the control and grasp of the palm of the hand. In particular, when the amount of exercise is large, the hand will produce sweat and become slippery, resulting in a decrease in grip force, which will affect the safety of outdoor activities. A pair of waterproof wet, strong grip, flexible fingers and warm performance of gloves is very necessary. How do people choose a pair of outdoor gloves A reporter interviewed an expert on outdoor information network recently. 

Their advice is to consider four aspects comprehensively: First, the fabric of outdoor gloves is preferred GORE-TEX waterproof breathable material. It has the function of water resistance, moisture permeability, tear resistance, can always keep the glove table dry, clamping material should also have very good softness, air permeability and warm function and after anti-ball treatment, Of course, the fabric should also have very good tear resistance. Secondly, the glove Palm should be fully lined with Anti-Slip wear resistant Anti-Slip rubber grain leather material or leather material, which can increase friction and adhesion. Gloves should be flexible and close to the hand to allow fingers to move flexibly, fingers bent with fabric, ergonomic finger bending design. The glove Palm should be fully lined with Anti-Slip wear resistant Anti-Slip rubber grain leather material or leather material, which can increase friction and adhesion. In addition, the natural glove wrist should be elastic tightening design and use of professional waterproof zipper, gloves wrist should also be extended design. This not only prevents foreign matter and snow particles from entering the glove, but also enhances the windproof thermal performance of the glove. Finally, in order to adapt to the characteristics of outdoor activities, outdoor gloves should be designed with fasteners and ropes in the wrist to facilitate the gloves to take off and wear, but also to reduce the probability of the loss of gloves. In addition, the glove fabric should also have a certain degree of heat resistance to prevent donkeys from burning gloves when serving cutlery and stoves. 

In actual outdoor activities, because too thick gloves are not conducive to the action of the donkeys, nor is it conducive to the operation of the camera, too thin and can not keep warm, cotton fiber because of the very low drying ratio, so the use of pure cotton gloves in outdoor activities is not advisable. Therefore, according to their own actual situation, choose a pair of gloves that are easy to carry and wear, waterproof, breathable, and warm, and better protect their own hands. For example, a double-layer waterproof warm gloves, the design is like the same as can wear a single fleece stormjacket, the inner layer of the fleece gloves can be taken out and worn alone, it is very convenient and comfortable to use, and can adapt to the four seasons and different environments. Use.

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