Anti-slip gloves

- Sep 15, 2018 -

Anti-slip gloves are named based on the Anti-Slip function of gloves. There are many types of gloves depending on the material used.

Common types of editing

Common: 1 wrinkles gloves(wrinkles latex gloves)

Some rubber gloves(latex and cotton gloves and cloth gloves)

3 Plastic gloves(plastic and latex, and cotton gloves and cloth gloves)

Glove Use Editor

According to various gloves materials and production processes, wrinkles gloves and plastic gloves are mainly suitable for mechanical manufacturing and electricity

Anti-slip gloves(adhesive gloves)

Anti-slip gloves(2 pieces of adhesive gloves)

Welding maintenance, road construction, mining, construction engineering, coal fields, agriculture and forestry families, etc.. Gloves can be used as baseball gloves, billiard gloves, and flag-raising gloves for the purpose of the upper class gloves.

Select Guide Editor

1, texture is the primary thinking direction, first of all according to the environment and conditions of their own work to choose the appropriate texture;

2, then according to the function to choose, if it is only non-slip, the general material can meet the demand, if there is still need for the opponent's protection, it may need to be more solid material;

3, in the selection process must also be worn to determine its size and comfort;

In order to ensure the quality of Anti-Slip gloves, please buy through regular channels.

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