Leather Resistance And Primary Use Of Leather Gloves

- Sep 02, 2018 -

Leather resistance and primary use of leather gloves

Head leather gloves: the handling or handling of small or medium-sized objects. Oil-coated waterproof head leather gloves: installation of oily parts, handling of oily steel plates, carpentry, outdoor or wet work. Second layer leather gloves: installation and handling of sharp objects, cutting work, sliding objects and welding products.

Heat resistant two-layer leather gloves: operation of heating items, demoulding and welding.

Coating two-layer leather gloves: operation of bulky articles, sharp articles, anti-fouling.

Special treatment waterproof skin of glove leather: treated with mineral oil or fluorinated resin to prevent the entry of water. This treatment can improve the mechanical properties of leather to make it more wearable, and increase the comfort(softness) and extension of gloves. Clever(sensibility), And it can extend its service life.

Features of waterproof gloves: better dexterity, can be kept soft after use in wet, longer service life, comfortable and accurate use.

Oil-coated waterproof skin: After the treatment of synthetic mineral oil or fluorinated resin, it can prevent the entry of water and oil. This treatment can improve the mechanical properties of leather, make it more wearable, and increase the comfort(softness) and flexibility(sensibility) of the gloves, and can extend life. The characteristics of waterproof gloves: better dexterity, can stay soft after use in oily and wet areas, longer service life, accurate action. Heat resistant leather: The leather is treated to make it more heat-resistant and to reduce shrinkage when exposed to fire. The treatment makes the leather contact with the heat source and makes it easy to identify and dye the leather yellow. This treatment can also be used for the top layer skin.

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