How To Pick The Right Hat For Your Face Shape

- Nov 11, 2017 -


Hats are must-have items for the winter. To look your best in the winter months, you need to choose the right hat for your head size and face shape. In this article we will give you some tips how to choose the right winter hat.

When you are buying a winter hat, you will need to try on different options. Try on a variety of colors and see which ones flatter your skin tone. Pale complexions usually look best with warm tones. If you have dark complexion, it would be better to avoid black hats.

Make sure the hat fits your head. Don’t buy a hat that falls over your ears or squeezes your forehead. Also, choose a hat, that’s proportionate to your face size. If you have a small face, avoid hats with large brims and crowns. If your face is large, you should avoid face-hugging hats. For round faces, you should create more length, by choosing a hat with a high brim and sharp angles, like a fedora hat or a bucket hat. Avoid rounded crowns. For long faces, choose a hat with a low crown, like a newsboy cap, or a hat with a large brim, like a sun hat or a panama hat. Oval faces look good in pretty much every hat.

When buying a hat, you should also consider one that flatters your facial features. If you have a large nose, choose a hat that sits forward on your head and has a distinct brim. If you wear glasses, get a swept-up or angled-brim hat. No matter what your face shape, you should never get a hat with a crown wider than your cheekbones. When you try on a hat, experiment with angling, so that the hat looks its best on you.

Your hat can definitely draw attention, so make sure you feel comfortable with it. Choose the right hat and wear it with confidence. Don’t leave your home without a hat in the cold winter days.

Hats For An Oval Shaped Face

You oval face fashioninstas look good in almost any hat. Just make sure to pull the hat correctly over your forehead and tilt it on different sides. I don't have many tips for the oval faces because they can pull of so many cute hats I wish I could guys are a bunch of pretty jerks....

Hats For A Square Shaped Face

So this face shape is opposite from mine. Choose hats that have curvy lines and are soft and feminine to lessen all of the angles. You also look better with large brim and upturned brim hats. Go big and floppy like J.Lo.

Hats For A Long Shaped Face

For the women rockin the longer faces, you need sharp, clean styles. Wear it straight and forward to cut the length of your face. Also, go for wide brims with low crowns -- hats that cover your forehead to look sleek, stylish and mysterious.

Whatever your face shape, hats and caps are a great way to "top" off your outfit.  People instantly feel like you know what you're doing when you coordinate your outfit with a hat.  It's the perfect accessory, especially if you're having a bad hair one will ever know!  Well, that is until some guy is picking on you and pulls your hat off to reveal hat hair -- which by the way, is so flat to your head, you look like you have a comb over.  But trust me, that's his way of flirting.  How come no one has told these guys that girls don't like getting picked on, poked or picked up?  Even if that does mean you're flirting.  It's so weird and we don't get it.....well, that's another post.

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