How To Maintain Leather Gloves

- Jun 22, 2018 -

First place the leather gloves on the table flatly, and then use a soft cloth to wipe dust, moisture, dirt, etc. on the surface of the gloves. Then apply a small amount of hand cream or oil to the leather part of the glove and spread it evenly with a soft brush.

After the smearing is completed, the waste newspapers are kneaded in groups and filled with gloves. Don't fill them too tightly. Gloves will prevail.

Use a clip to hold the gloves vertically on the clothes rack and place them in the vents. Do not expose to the sun. Exposure can easily cause dryness of the cortex.

After three hours, the smear on the cortex surface has basically dried out. At this time, if the fold of gloves is found to be more serious, the above procedure can be repeated.

leather gloves.jpg

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