How To Maintain Leather Gloves

- May 29, 2018 -

Avoid water: The fibrous tissue of leather will swell and become soft when in contact with water, which will deform the gloves.

Avoid roasted: After the glove is damp, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, let the water evaporate as soon as possible, avoid exposure or baking with fire to prevent the leather from hardening and embrittlement.

Avoid contaminants: When cleaning and wiping gloves, wipe the dust off the surface with a dry cloth and then apply oil.

Avoid pressure: The elasticity of the leather surface of the glove will be damaged, and the appearance will be affected.

1.Leather gloves must avoid acids, alkalis and other corrosive substances to prevent corrosion.

2.When wearing leather gloves, avoid touching those spiked things to avoid stabbing.

If the leather gloves are damp or moldy, they should be lightly wiped with a fine cloth and air dried in a ventilated place. 3.Baking and exposure cannot be performed.

4.When leather gloves are not worn for collection, they must be cleaned with a polish on the leather surface. Do not use leather shoe polish.

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