How To Identify The Glove Material

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Manufacturing gloves commonly used materials and fiber: for the gloves industry, the first to master the basic knowledge is the production of raw materials in the textile fiber! But a variety of gloves fiber varieties, the name is different. With the rapid development of science and technology, more new materials, technology, the flash of the process, so many varieties of materials used, but some are the most basic, but also in the industry should know!

Sheepskin Gloves

Know the leather goods of friends are aware that the best leather gloves are sheepskin, very durable, and smooth and comfortable.

Sheepskin is the skin of a Cerambycidae animal, goat, or sheep. Goats or sheep skin contains water, protein, fat and inorganic substances, the latter two content is very small, the formation of the epidermal layer of protein extraction is mainly keratin; The dermal layer is composed mainly of collagen and net hard protein, and also contains elastin, albumin, globulin and mucin.

How to identify Sheepskin

Sheepskin is characterized by oblate pores, more oblique in-depth leather; the pores are clear, and the rows are arranged in a group, like scales or jagged. Pattern features such as water ripple. Sheepskin light, thin, soft, leather clothing is the ideal fabric, made of clothing patterns beautiful, soft and natural luster, thin and soft, full of elasticity, but not as strong as cowhide and Pigskin.

Sheep skin: More fat in the cortex, the skin of the fibrous tissue relaxation, very soft, fine and smooth grain surface, extensibility, but not strong.

Goat Sheepskin: The cortex is less fat, the fibrous tissue is fuller than the sheep skin, the pores are clear, the cortex is elastic, and it is solid and durable.

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