How To Chose The Cycling Gloves?

- Nov 18, 2018 -

1: Good outdoor glove fabric is of course preferred to use the GORE-TEX waterproof breathable material, with waterproof, moisture permeability function, can always keep the glove table dry, The gripping material in the clip should also have very good softness, breathability and warmth functions and be treated with anti-hoisting. Of course, the fabric should also have very good anti-tearing properties.

2: The palm of the glove should be fully lined with non-skid resistant non-skid rubber grain leather material or leather material, which can increase friction and adhesion. Gloves should be flexible and close to the hand so that the fingers can be used freely, which can increase friction force. Finger bending using fabric, symbols ergonomically curved finger design, such a design to increase the flexibility of the finger, but also has a breathable function.

3: Glove wrist should have flexible tightening design and use of professional waterproof zipper(gloves with zipper design), gloves wrist part should also be extended design. This not only prevents foreign matter and snow particles from entering the glove, but also enhances the windproof thermal performance of the glove.

4: Outdoor gloves to adapt to the characteristics of outdoor activities should be designed in the bowl with fasteners and hanging ropes, easy to take off and wear gloves, but also to reduce the probability of missing gloves.


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