How To Choose Winter Riding Gloves

- Jun 13, 2018 -

The biggest challenge in the test of the opponent's foot in winter is to keep warm, and no one wants to freeze his hands with ice because he forgets to wear or wears a pair of gloves. Having a pair of windproof and warm gloves can not only withstand the cold wind on the front, but also maintain good control and ensure safety. When choosing a riding glove, refer to the following 6 points to make it easier for you to find your own riding gloves.

1. Dimensions: Gloves are also sized. Large or small can affect the wearing experience, reducing handling and affecting riding safety. When buying gloves, be sure to select the proper riding gloves according to the size chart given by the manufacturer of the gloves. If possible, try to wear them. This will give you a more direct understanding of size.

2, workmanship: autumn and winter long-fingered gloves will have a certain thickness based on warmth, and when wearing gloves to grasp the handlebar will produce deformation, so the workmanship of good gloves will use the appropriate splicing fabric to maintain the grip feel, reduce Wrinkling and avoiding over-stretching of the fabric occur. And the stitches at the joints of various splicing fabrics will be very regular (this can be understood by looking at the material). The tiger's mouth and the palm of the riding glove are the areas with the greatest stress, and the long-term use will cause wear on these key parts. The quality of riding gloves will enhance the durability of the gloves at these critical points through "feeding", which is also worth paying attention to when purchasing.

Warm and non-slip is the topic of fall and winter gloves can not escape, the use of glue and different combinations of fabrics to bring the use of experience is also very different, in the work of these two elements are often overlooked, in which high-quality Epoxy feel is to compare Jerky, this is especially important to note.

riding glove.JPEG

3, palm-shaped: in the previous work gloves that use excellent splicing fabrics to enhance the wear experience, where the shape of the palm is reflected in the most intuitive one of the gloves to buy is to see if it is ergonomic cut, in short, is Whether the trimming and splicing of the gloves is directly designed according to the posture when gripped. "If your fall/winter gloves can be completely folded and stacked, then congratulations, you have reason to change your autumn and winter riding gloves."

4, is waterproof: This is an advanced or experienced player to consider the elements, after all, no one will go out in the rainy weather out of the bike, waterproof gloves in this point, need to pay attention to the waterproof way is the fabric itself waterproof or through the outside The coating to achieve a waterproof effect. Waterproofing of fabrics is a priority, but the price will be more expensive; the use of waterproof coated gloves will have the normal condition of reducing the aging effect of the coating. At this time, self-purchased waterproof spray coating can be used.

5, fixed mode: gloves also play flowers, the fixed mode is generally elastic beam mouth, Velcro two, more high-end as shown in the above figure using the boa restraint system to tighten the gloves. There is no one who is not good or bad, to see the personal use of the environment and preferences can be; need to pay attention to the fixed Velcro gloves often have large pits, such as sticky clasp will accidentally stick to the back of the glove lead to hooking, or use After a period of time, there will be a situation where the Velcro sticks cannot stick. The simplest crude method is to look at the price, the same Velcro gloves used in the high price of the Velcro will be relatively better.

6, whether to support touch screen: winter bike ride does not sun photos I will not believe you ~ cold season who do not want to take off his gloves to operate the phone, "forced operation is true love"; a pair of equally excellent riding gloves placed on you In front of them, the style that can be touched is almost mandatory in the moment. This is a point that humanized bonus items often have high weights and you need to pay attention when you purchase.

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