How To Choose Warm Gloves

- Dec 28, 2018 -

Warm gloves are essential warm and cold-proof products for autumn and winter seasons. They can protect our delicate hands very well. However, there are so many materials on the market. What kind of gloves are the most warm?

Knitted gloves

Knitted gloves are woven from threads of different kinds of chemical fiber materials. Many women love to weave all kinds of wool gloves, which should be the most common kind of warm gloves in winter.

Main advantages and disadvantages: wool gloves are more economical and practical, and the styles are diverse. They can also be hand-woven by hand. Like a smart girl, we can weave a variety of patterns. The disadvantage is that the wool gloves are easy to pilling and not wearable.

Purchase points: The wool yarn used in the wool gloves is mainly divided into coarse wool, fine wool, floral wool and knitted wool. The thick wool is thicker and warmer, the fine wool is light and close, the yarn is fashionable and beautiful, and the knitting yarn is mostly machine-made.

Knitted Glove

Wool gloves

Wool gloves are made of yarn made of wool fiber. The inner part is made of fine and rich cashmere, which is suitable for skin and warmth. It is also an ideal warm glove in winter.

Main advantages and disadvantages: The wool gloves are soft and delicate, have good heat absorption, and have fluffing properties. The suede is full and tight, so the warmth effect is outstanding. In addition, the wool has good elasticity and recovery, and is more wear-resistant than other fibers.

Essentials of purchase: The wool content of wool gloves is about 80%. Generally, the pure wool fabric has smooth and smooth feel, and the reverse hair has a tingling sensation, while the blended or chemical fiber products are somewhat soft, some are too loose, and have a sticky feeling.

Wool gloves

Leather gloves

Leather gloves are made of animal skin such as suede cowhide, goatskin, pigskin and sheepskin. Because it is cut and sewn by the whole piece of leather, it can lock the warmth. It is one of the more commonly used materials for winter warm gloves.

Main advantages and disadvantages: leather gloves leather soft and delicate, clear texture, wearing a very elegant temperament, and wear-resistant anti-crack, long service life, warm lock temperature effect is good; but the price of leather gloves is relatively high, cleaning and maintenance is more stressful .

Purchase points: The choice of leather gloves needs to distinguish the true and false leather. The real leather surface is soft, smooth, full and elastic, while the artificial leather has a blemish, rigid, softness and a strong pungent plastic smell.

Leather gloves

Cotton gloves

Cotton gauze gloves are kinds of gloves woven from cotton fiber machines. The general workers and other production personnel will wear them at work, which can protect the hands and have a certain warm and cold-proof effect in winter.

Main advantages and disadvantages: cotton gloves are relatively thick, wear-resistant, anti-slip properties are very good, and the woven holes are larger, more comfortable and breathable, especially suitable for long-term work wear; but cotton gloves mainly play a protective role, so the warmth performance is relatively general.

Purchase points: The density of cotton yarn gloves is 7 needles and 10 needles. The denser the gloves are, the better the anti-wear and crack resistance is. It should also pay attention to the cotton content. The cotton gloves have heat insulation and do not produce. The function of static electricity is applicable to a wider range.

Cotton gloves

Waterproof fleece gloves

The outer layer of the waterproof fleece glove is made of waterproof and breathable material, which can keep the dryness of the glove table at all times, while the fleece material in the clip plays the role of keeping warm and cold, and is mostly used for outdoor sports such as skiing.

Main advantages and disadvantages: The outer layer of waterproof fleece gloves has the functions of waterproof, moisture permeability and tear resistance. The inner layer has good softness, breathability and warmth function, and better care for the hands; the disadvantage is the material The anti-slip property is higher.

Optional points: The palm of the waterproof fleece glove should be fully anti-slip non-slip rubber gauze material, which can increase the friction and adhesion; the wrist should have elastic tightening design and lengthening design, and the waterproof effect is better.

Waterproof fleece gloves

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