How To Choose The Right Outdoor Gloves

- Aug 24, 2018 -

1. Good outdoor glove fabric is of course made of GORE-TEX waterproof and breathable material. It has waterproof and moisture permeability function. It can keep the glove table dry at all times. The fleece material in the clip should also have very good softness. Breathable and warm-keeping function and anti-pilling treatment, of course, the fabric should also have very good tear resistance.

2, the palm of the glove should be fully lined with non-slip wear-resistant anti-slip rubber material or leather material, which can increase friction and adhesion. Gloves should be stretchable and close to the hand to allow the fingers to use freely, which can increase the frictional adhesion. The fabric is made of a fabric with an ergonomic finger-bend design that enhances finger flexibility and breathability.

3, the glove wrist should have elastic tightening design and use professional waterproof zipper (with zipper design gloves), the wrist of the glove should also be designed to lengthen. This not only prevents foreign matter and snow particles from entering the glove, but also enhances the wind and warmth of the glove.

4, outdoor gloves in order to adapt to the characteristics of outdoor activities should be designed in the bowl with fasteners and lanyards, to facilitate the removal and wearing of gloves, can also reduce the probability of lost gloves.

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