How To Choose The Right Hat For Your Baby?

- Aug 24, 2018 -

1. The best choice is cotton hat

The baby's small head is tender and has poor adaptability to climate change. It is advisable to choose a cotton hat with light texture, soft hand feeling and warm and breathable.

2. The size of the hat is appropriate for the head circumference

Generally, it is better to enlarge the circumference of the head circumference by 1-2 cm (or the diameter of the head circumference is enlarged by 0.3 cm); the purpose of properly relaxing the size is to prevent the hat from being too tight, which is unfavorable to the child's head development, and also prevents the cap from shrinking. Wear it.

3. Don't choose a hat with a hard texture

If the hat is too heavy and too hard, not only is the baby uncomfortable to wear, but it is also detrimental to the development of the brain.

4, choose a hat without a hat

It is best to choose a cap without a hat, so that the mother can hold and breastfeed while sleeping on the cradle and bed and seeing things around.

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