How To Choose Ski Gloves?

- Feb 13, 2019 -

1. Fabric quality
Fabric quality is the most important, there must be a certain degree of anti-wear, anti-cutting, anti-scratch ability, skiing, wrestling and knocking inevitably, if the fabric is not strong gloves easily damaged, hands are also vulnerable to injury. At present, more professional ski gloves even use Kevlar material to make body armor in the main protective parts, which is very strong and safe.
2. Fabric should stick snow
The waterproof of ski gloves is not very important. The gloves made of leather, chemical fibers or rubber are already very good. Cotton cloth, wool, wool and other materials are easy to stick to snow, which will make the inside and outside of gloves very wet and cold, and cause serious finger frostbite. So sometimes skiing with grab or wool gloves is better than bare-handed skiing. The waterproof performance of veneer gloves is more demanding.
3. Warm and breathable
Warmth preservation is the basic requirement, and the permeability of gloves is also very important. Let sweat evaporate in time when it is hot, to avoid the cold feeling when it is wet and the amount of exercise decreases, and the breathless gloves often sweat and smell easily in gloves.
4. Choose finger gloves for skating double boards
The size of the number should be appropriate, and the thickness should be appropriate. Need to ensure that the fingers are flexible, easy to zip in the snow, take things, adjust snow boots, snowboards, up and down cable cars, etc. Some double-plate gloves are also made into natural curved finger shape, wearing more natural and comfortable. Veneer gloves have longer wrists. It is not easy to get into the snow on the surface of the gloves. Some have wrist protectors to prevent contusion on the ground.
5, anti slip
In order to ensure that the gloves can be grasped firmly and reliably, and to grasp the poles, skis, towing, cable cars, etc., the palms of fingers must be skid-proof. Primary gloves can be purchased in the wholesale market for tens of yuan, with good quality and low price. We need more professional high-end products with waterproof, windproof, high perspiration and air permeability, snow mirror brush and polishing velvet on gloves. It is suggested that we select them from the snow shop, which is more professional and complete. The price ranges from two to three hundred yuan to more than one thousand yuan.

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