How To Choose Ski Gloves

- Sep 09, 2018 -

In the course of skiing, the ski equipment must be constantly adjusted, so the ski gloves should be large, should choose the five-finger separate type, easy to operate. If the glove wrist is longer, you can cover the sleeve and save the wrist. If there is a loose belt seal, it can effectively prevent the entry of snow. It is better to have cotton to protect and keep warm.

Selection of ski gloves

First, the fabric is strong.

The most important protection is to have a certain degree of anti-wear, anti-cutting, anti-scratching ability, skiing wrestling and bumps and bumps are inevitable, if the fabric is not strong gloves are easily damaged, the hand is also easily injured. At present, the more professional ski gloves even use Kevlar materials that make body armor in the main protected areas, which are very strong and safe.

Second, the fabric is not sticky snow.

The waterproof of ski gloves is not very important. Gloves with leather, chemical fiber, or rubber materials are already very good. Cotton, wool, velvet, and other materials easily stick snow to make the gloves quickly moist and cold inside and outside, causing severe finger frostbite. So sometimes it's better to ski with fleece or wool gloves than even with your bare hands. The waterproofing performance of the single-panel gloves is more demanding.

Three, warm, breathable.

Warm is the basic requirement, gloves breathability is also very important, so that the sweat out of the hot time in time to send out, to avoid humidity and the cold feeling when the amount of exercise, and breathless gloves often sweat in the gloves are easy to taste.

Fourth, sliding double board to choose the mitten

The number should be the right size, thin and thick. Need to ensure that the fingers are flexible, easy to pull in the snow, take things, adjust the snow boots, snow board, up and down cable car and so on. Some of the gloves are also made into a naturally curved shape of the finger, wearing more natural and comfortable. The single plate glove wrist is longer, often the snow surface is not easy to enter the snow, and some have the structure of the wrist to prevent bruising when the hand is supported.

Five, finger, Palm material is best non-slip

In order to ensure that the gloves can be held firmly and reliably, it is convenient to grasp the snow stick, snow board, dragging, cable car and so on.

Junior gloves can be bought in the wholesale market tens of dollars, cheap. Need to be more professional with waterproof, windproof, high-perspiration breathable and gloves with snow mirror brushes and velvet high-end products, it is recommended to select snow shops, more professional, complete, prices ranging from two or three hundred yuan to thousands of yuan.

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