How To Choose Ski Gloves

- Jul 13, 2018 -

Novice skiing, the glove requirements are actually not high, if it is a double board, even without considering wear resistance. It is recommended to note the following:

1. Is there a rope that can be placed on the hand, a mobile phone on the magic carpet, the cable car, etc., and a set is more assured.

2, with a hand to do, do not wear fat, or even the finger of the glove, for the double board, the use of the pole is also very important

3, waterproof, skiing is inevitably wrestling, after falling, will subconsciously support the ground, catching snow, especially the high-grade road is likely to subconsciously catch snow, which is a test of the waterproof and wear-resistant gloves. However, if the snow road below the high-grade road is basically good, it will be in contact with snow.

4, the price of ski gloves should not be too low, if it is too cheap, I am afraid that support will not rotten in a snow season. For beginners, generally in the 50-100 yuan

5, in terms of warmth, skiing is a sport, and it is very intense, so the general ski gloves are not too thick, too thick will affect the operation

6, the material, the general palm surface, the finger part of the leather, more durable use!

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