How To Choose Children's Winter Hats?

- Jul 13, 2018 -

Suitable for children's winter hats, it is best to meet 4 conditions.

◆Material: The preferred loose wool cap or cotton cap is not only comfortable, soft, but also windproof, warm and breathable. Children's skin is tender and adaptable to temperature changes. The wool cap protects the child's cheeks and ears. Most of the children's activities are large, the safety awareness is weak, and the bright colors and eye-catching hats can reduce the accident to a certain extent.

◆Size: The hat should not be too tight, so it is advisable to insert a finger after wearing it. Too tight a hat can cause pressure on the scalp, affecting the blood circulation of the head, and buying a too tight hat for the child may also affect development.

◆Weight: As far as possible, the top of the head does not feel heavy, and the neck does not feel pressure. The hat is too heavy, and over time, it will put too much burden on the head and cervical vertebrae.

◆If the hat is not more than 5 cm, if you want to buy a hat with a brim, you should use the principle of "not obstructing the line of sight". It is recommended that the width of the brim is not more than 5 cm, and it is better to wear it without pressing the eyes and wide viewing on both sides. The big brim will obscure the line of sight and pose a danger. If you must wear a hat with a big hat, wear it properly and it should not cover your forehead.

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