How To Choose A Child Ski Glove?

- Jan 05, 2019 -

Children's ski gloves can be divided into scratch ski gloves, performance ski gloves, and integrated ski gloves according to functional classification.

1, grab the plate glove

Ski gloves are generally less waterproof and have a silicone Anti-Slip layer on the palm of the hand. They prefer to be used in warmer parks. For children, this type of ski glove is very flexible.

2, performance gloves

Performance ski gloves generally increase the cotton sandwich in the inner layer of the glove, which is suitable for different degrees of cold according to the number of grams. The performance gloves have different styles of gloves and mittens, and even gloves(that is, except for thumb, The gloves with the other four fingers together will be warmer, and the gloves will be more flexible and more suitable for children.

3, integrated gloves

Comprehensive gloves take into account the characteristics of the first two, taking into account the thermal properties of the palm of the Anti-Slip layer, the general comprehensive gloves do not have a linkage design.

Four, other gloves.

There are also gloves that increase the lining, increase thermal performance, and can be extracted to dry moisture, very convenient. There are also gloves with built-in wristbands, because some ski enthusiasts have wrist injuries or old injuries. Ordinary gloves with wristbands are inconvenient. You can choose gloves with built-in hand pads. Many brands have this series. Glove fabrics are leather non-leather materials, generally leather gloves are relatively expensive, thermal performance is better, and durable and comfortable. Non-leather materials have better breathability and are easy to care for. Some high-end series are also equipped with a Goretax inner layer. The waterproof breathability performance is excellent, ensuring the rapid discharge of moisture caused by sweating in the middle of the taxi. However, in general, for smaller children who have just learned to ski, there is no need to choose this kind of glove. The function of this kind of glove is not necessary for children who have started skiing, and the price is too high.

How to choose children's ski gloves, parents can choose according to the child's skiing level and ski type. In the case of snowboarding, it is recommended to choose the ski gloves of the fingers, making it easier to operate the snow tools and grip the ski stick.

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