How To Choose A Bicycle Sport Glove

- Jan 10, 2018 -

How to choose a bicycle sport glove

1. antiskid

In addition to the body material, with a prominent position in the hand fist, early use of less environmentally friendly but low cost PVC, Japan and Europe have been recently banned, so the extension appears in the most common PU material, the price is higher than that of PVC but with environmental protection. In addition to the silicone antiskid effect is better, but because of the difficulty of processing high production costs are high, a small amount of mining production, applied in the senior gloves and special gloves.

2. The main body

The bicycle sport gloves are mostly superfine fiber, also known as "artificial leather", which is wear-resistant and hand with moderate degree of fitting, which is the largest part of the hand center.

3. Other materials

Bicycle gloves are protective and wear-resistant. The strength and toughness are about 3 times of that of nylon, but they are high in price and are too hard for a wide range and lack of flexibility. They are commonly used for partial friction reinforcement. There are anti UV materials for anti ultraviolet rays, and more used in bicycle winter gloves, water resistant and cold proof submersible material.

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