How To Buy Cycling Gloves In Winter

- Oct 18, 2018 -

The biggest problem in riding the opponent's foot in autumn and winter is to keep warm. No one wants to freeze the hands into ice cubes because they forget to wear or wear a pair of gloves. With a pair of windproof and warm gloves, not only can resist the cold wind on the head, but also maintain good handling and ensure safety.

cycling gloves

So how do you buy cycling gloves in winter?

1, size: gloves are also divided into size, large or small will affect the wearing experience, reduce handling and thus affect the safety of riding. When buying gloves, be sure to pick the appropriate riding gloves according to the size comparison table given by the glove manufacturer. If possible, try to wear them. This will give you a direct understanding of the size.

2, workmanship: autumn and winter long finger gloves will have a certain thickness based on warmth, and will be deformed when wearing gloves to grasp the handlebars, so the excellent work gloves will use the appropriate stitching fabric to maintain the feel of the grip, reduce Wrinkles and evasive over-stretching of the fabric. And the stitches at the seams of the individual splicing fabrics are very regular.

The tiger's mouth and palm of the riding gloves are the areas with the strongest force, and the long-term use will cause wear to these key parts. High-quality cycling gloves will enhance the durability of the gloves by “feeding” these key parts, which is also worth paying attention to when purchasing.

Warm and non-slip is the topic that autumn and winter gloves can't escape. The experience brought by the combination of glue and different fabrics is also very different. These two factors are often neglected in the workmanship, and the quality of the glue is compared. This is especially important for oysters.

cycling gloves

3, palm shape: the above mentioned excellent work gloves will use splicing fabric to enhance the wearing experience, the palm shape here reflects the most intuitive requirement for the purchase of gloves is to see whether it is ergonomic tailoring, in short, Whether the cutting and splicing of the gloves are directly designed according to the posture at the time of grasping. "If your autumn and winter gloves can be completely flattened into a pair; then congratulations, you have reason to change the autumn and winter riding gloves."

4. Is it waterproof? This is an element considered by advanced or experienced players. After all, no one will go out in the rainy weather. At the point of waterproofing gloves, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the waterproof method is waterproof or external. The coating is used to achieve a waterproof effect. Fabric waterproofing is a priority, but the price will be more expensive; gloves with waterproof coating will have a normal condition of reducing the aging effect of the coating. At this time, the waterproof spray can be sprayed.

5, fixed way: gloves also play flowers, the fixed way is generally elastic beam mouth, Velcro two, more high-end as shown above the use of boa binding system to tighten gloves. There is no one who is good or bad, and you can choose your personal environment and preferences. It is important to note that the Velcro-fixed gloves often have large pits, such as the gluing, which can be accidentally stuck to the front of the glove, causing the hook, or use After a while, there will be a situation where the velcro is stuck and can't be stuck. The easiest and most rude way is to look at the price, and the velcro used in the same high-glove glove will be relatively better.

6, whether to support the touch screen: autumn and winter cycling does not dry photos Xiaobian will not believe you ~ cold season who do not want to take off the gloves to operate the phone, "force operation is true love"; a pair of equally excellent riding gloves placed In front of you, the style that can touch the screen is almost a must in the moment. This humanized plus item is often very weighty, so you need to pay attention when purchasing.

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