How Do You Judge The Grade Of Leather Gloves?

- Sep 02, 2018 -

The manufacturer produces according to the basic requirements of the EU Act. If the test results are consistent with the provisions of the Act, the glove does not indicate the risk level, that is, the first risk glove.
Class III Risk The gloves risk of Class III risk is irreversible and can cause death and therefore can not be provided to consumers.
The outermost layer of leather, taken from the epidermis of leather, which does not require any machining or trimming.
Second layer of leather: The inner layer of leather is obtained by opening or removing the outer layer of the dermis.
Cowhide: Bullhead skin: Most protective gloves use bullhead skin, which is mainly scraped from the ribs. Features: Soft, dexterous, comfortable and good wear resistance, tear resistance and puncture resistance.
Goatskin: Single cortex: Its ordinary thickness can not pull out the second layer of skin, its advantage is lighter than cowhide. Because it uses the original thickness, it is suitable for use as a better anti-mechanical glove, because the fiber has not been cut, its wear resistance and penetration resistance have been strengthened, and if it is combined, it will have better contact effects. Features: Soft, dexterous, good wear resistance, tear resistance, anti-puncture performance. Its wear resistance depends on the thickness of the leather, and the thickness usually used is 1.1-1 .3 MM(better mechanical performance) or 0.6-1 .0 MM(better flexibility and dexterity).
Lambs: A single layer of skin: usually used only for ordinary gloves because of its poor wear and tear resistance. The thickness of the lamb's skin is proportional to its dexterity, and the thinner it is, the more dexterous and comfortable it is. Features: Soft, dexterous. 

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