Gloves In The Chinese Market

- Sep 04, 2017 -

2011 began in the Chinese market a new type of gloves, this glove is accompanied by touch-screen phone and other touch-screen electronic devices produced, because capacitive touch screen screen is through the human body current induction and play a control effect, however, the ordinary gloves can not transmit the human current, So when the winter comes, people have a problem, wearing gloves can not control the cell phone, but when there is a phone or need to use a cell phone must be removed gloves in the winter bare hands, because of the needs of people, there is a new touch-screen gloves, the gloves because the fabric implanted in conductive fiber, So that the gloves have a conductive role, the human body current can be smoothly passed to the screen to control the capacitive screen effect.

Women wear gloves more elegant and beautiful, so ancient Europe has silk, velvet and other texture of decorative gloves, black and white color length and taste. 19th century also appeared hand-painted and black woven gloves, giving people a sense of mystery.

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