Glove History

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Check the history of gloves, it was first seen in the Sixth century BC "Homer Epic", the ancient Greeks eat, like India or the Middle East people, is eating pilaf, but they use hand pilaf before, to wear special gloves, gloves and the practical function of our Chinese chopsticks use the same function. Therefore, the glove was historically the dining pilaf tool.

Since 13th century, women in Europe have been wearing gloves for decoration. These gloves are usually linen or silk texture and can be up to the elbows. During this period, male nobles also wore decorative gloves.

The European religious community, after taking gloves, changed its function, the clergy wore white gloves, expressed authority, holiness and piety, and there were still religious rituals of certain denominations, which had to be worn in white gloves. Before 19th century, the sacred role of white gloves extended to the King's decree, the judge should put on the case, the European Knight put on the white gloves, said the implementation of sacred business; take off the gloves in the hands, said the unrestrained leisure, the gloves thrown in front of the other side, to challenge the duel; the challenged Knight picks up his gloves and declares the battle. Not only the west, the recent hundred years of Chinese warlords scuffle, Japanese invasion of China and so on, the officers also wear white gloves, became soldiers to flaunt the martial jihad decoration. Now the military guard still wear white gloves, even the Equator soldiers still maintain tradition.

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