Fashion Gloves Water Repellent Technology

- Jul 26, 2018 -

For fashionable warm gloves, we often want to wear beautiful and comfortable, and we won't feel uncomfortable because of rain or water. How can we solve this trouble? The developer who made the glove thought of the waterproof cover. Is it possible to solve the problem by putting a waterproof cover inside the glove? This creates a waterproof glove. On this, we have refined it to meet the needs of our customers. Water repellent treatment technology.

Water repellent, also known as water repellent, is "WATER RESISTANT" in English. The water-repellent properties of fabrics refer to the special treatment of the fabric by the water-repellent agent. In most cases, it is achieved by coating, and usually in the outer layer of the fabric. It means that the surface of the fabric has a very low surface tension. After the water drops, the tension is large relative to the surface of the fabric, causing the surface of the water droplet to shrink and become spherical and cannot be spread out. The water droplets form a bead shape. It will infiltrate, spread and wet the inner lining to achieve a lotus-like water-splashing function (the lotus effect).

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