Equipment Selection Knowledge: Selection And Use Of Riding Gloves

- Aug 12, 2018 -

Why do you wear gloves on a bicycle? Because gloves can not only reduce the danger caused by wet and slippery hands, the part of the gloves can absorb the vibration force during riding and reduce hand numbness. In addition, gloves can also be used to wipe sweat, even when the car is thrown to provide protection, afraid of sunburn female car friends can also be sun protection, winter can protect against the cold. Do not look at a small glove, because of the different parts of the hand wearing part, the selection of the material of this part is different. For example, the back part of the hand is generally made of a variety of materials such as breathability, sweat absorption, sun protection, and cold protection. The palm of the hand places more emphasis on shockproof, Anti-Slip wear and other functions, so do not look at the gloves small, each design is considerate and careful.

1, breathable

In order to avoid wearing gloves and sultry heat, the surface material uses a mesh cloth, a three-layer cloth called Laiqiabu and a sandwich cloth, and a three-layer adhesive cloth composed of three-layer fabrics. Among them, Laiqiabu has retractable elasticity and breathability. The most widely used. The three-layer adhesive cloth consists of the outermost mesh cloth, the middle layer waterproof gas permeable film and the inner layer brush cloth, and the anti-splashing water is also cold-proof. It is commonly used in cold areas such as Europe and the United States.

2, shock absorption

The shock absorption effects of the glove lining are foam, EVA, memory foam, and shock absorption gel(Gel). Professional bicycle gloves are commonly used for memory foam and shock absorption gel. Simple identification can be used when purchasing: press the pad. At the place, the poor elasticity is foam. It can be slowly bounce up for memory foam, elastic and sliding for shock absorption gel. Memory foam can hold the grip of the bicycle grip better because it will appear to hold the shape. Compared with the shock absorption gel, the shock absorption performance is slightly worse, but it is suitable for riding a road vehicle or recreational vehicle glove on a flat terrain. Land Cruisers, extreme sports vehicles are more suitable for the use of shock absorbers to prevent earthquakes, and provide support protection when slipping. EVA material is harder and less elastic, and professional gloves have been used less.

3, Anti-Slip

The material attached to the main body is mostly used in the prominent part of the hand clench. The early use of less environmentally friendly but low-cost PVC has recently been banned from use by Japan and Europe, so it appears in the most common PU material. The price is higher than PVC but it is in line with environmental protection. In addition, there are better anti-skid glue, but due to the high manufacturing costs of higher processing difficulties, a small amount of production is adopted, and it is mostly used in advanced gloves and special purpose gloves.

4, the main body

The use of Amara ultra-fine fiber, also known as manmade leather, is wear-resistant and moderately fitting, which is the largest part of the palm of the hand.

5, other materials

The protective, wear-resistant DuPont Kevlar abrasion cloth has a strength of about 3 times that of nylon, but it is expensive and used in a large range of slightly too hard and flexible, and is generally used for local reinforcement of areas where friction is common. There are also UV materials with needles against ultraviolet rays, and Neoprene, a cold-resistant diving material that can be used in bicycle winter gloves and can be used to prevent splashing water.

Glove shopping questions all or half?

In the end, whether to purchase all or half fingers must be based on the needs of individuals. When the weather is not cold, the demand for half fingers is relatively large. The advantage is that it is cool and flexible. It is convenient to take small things from the pocket and use mobile phones. However, the disadvantage is that it can not be waterproof, cold proof, and sun protection. The best two types of gloves are used. Look at the weather before you go out and decide which kind of gloves to wear. What size would suit you? Usually the size of the glove is related to the height, but each manufacturer's knife model structure is not the same, even male and female, and the proportion of children is different. Therefore, the biggest focus is on the appropriate, and there is no need to buy a small size for fear of loosening. There is no need to be afraid of getting tighter after washing and buying a larger size. As for the fatter riders, the gloves are still suitable for their own size. In the style(back part of the hand), the gloves that are cut in a straight line are selected. The elasticity is greater, because the seams themselves are less elastic. Straight-cut gloves also retain lateral tensile elasticity when worn, so that they do not tighten. If you buy a large size glove due to fat hands, the overall wear will be too large to fit the hand, losing the flexible characteristics of bicycle gloves.

Other shopping priorities

Like the previous material introduction, the design end of the glove is the purpose of the rider's needs. If the bicycle lane is the main one on weekdays, there is no need to spend a lot of money to purchase functional gloves. In addition, children choose children's gloves in addition to size considerations, usually do not need too much shock absorption and other functions, but to emphasize Anti-Slip safety needs. There are gloves on the market with mirrors, and children and commuters are suitable for use; Of course, as one of the personal accessories, the choice of a product with a good overall feeling is also one of the priorities, so colors, brand styles, etc. must be taken into account.

Mastering gloves

Since the bicycle gloves are more fitted to the gloves of the hand, in order to facilitate wearing off, some gloves will be added to the bottom of the palm of the hand with rougher Anti-Slip pieces, which can be easily pulled down when worn. When taken off, it can be easily unloaded by pulling the cable between the fingers; If there is no pull line, it is recommended to pull the palm of the hand instead of the back of the hand on the cloth. Since the palm of the hand is more durable, the glove can be kept from deformation.

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