Do Bicycle Gloves Buy All Or Half Finger?

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Do bicycle gloves buy all or half finger?

How to buy the whole bicycle gloves or half bicycle gloves, depending on the needs of the individual to choose. When the day is cold, to demand half finger large advantage is cool, flexible, from the little things, the use of mobile phone pocket is very convenient, but the disadvantage is not waterproof, sunscreen and cold, the best two riders are riding bicycle gloves, go out at the former and then decide what kind of weather wearing gloves. What size is it for yourself? The size of the usual gloves associated with height, but the knife mold structure of each vendor is not the same, even men and women, the proportion of children are different, so the biggest focus is not to be right, for fear of loosening and buy a smaller size, will not be afraid to wash after tight and buy a bigger size. As for the fat finger riders, gloves or to choose suitable size in style (back part) is to pick the whole piece or straight cutting gloves, greater flexibility, because the thread itself poor elasticity, linear cutting gloves when worn can retain extended lateral flexibility, not tight. If you buy a large number of gloves because of the fat, the whole dress will be too big to fit the hand and lose the flexible characteristics of the bicycle gloves.

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