Classification Of Glove Making Methods

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Gloves According to the production method is divided into sewing, knitting, dipping and so on. Gloves are made from a variety of leather, rubber, knitted or woven fabrics. Knitted gloves with a variety of textile fiber pure spinning or blended yarn, woven on the glove machine, by sewing processing, such as clamping, kou, seam fingertips and fingers, and so on, and then through the velvet or shrink, hot shape finishing and into products. Knitting gloves of the Organization has flat needles, rib, set ring, yarn Luo, and so on, the flower type has plain and dyed jacquard and so on. Labor protection gloves require thicker, some after surface coating treatment to improve wear resistance, non-slip, waterproof performance. Decorative gloves require beautiful, mostly through embroidery, nail beads and other artistic processing.

Classification by material

Gloves According to the material is divided into cotton yarn, plush, leather, super fiber, cloth, rubber and so on.

Sort by the shape of the finger

According to the shape of the finger, there are:

Finger gloves: each with only 5 separate long bagged fingers;

Mittens: The Northeast China is called the hand stuffy son, the thumb separates, the remaining 4 fingers are connected together.

Three finger gloves: the thumb and forefinger are separated and the remaining 3 fingers are connected together.

Straight glove: 5 fingers attached together.

Semi-fingered gloves: each finger part is not closed, only to cover the first section.

No gloves: no finger part, in the point of the mouth.

The less the fingers, the better the heat preservation of the fingers, but also limit the activities of the hand. In addition to decoration, the finger flexibility of the gloves is also increased.

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