Children's Earmuffs Knit Hat Is The First Choice For Fashion And Warmth

- Jul 26, 2018 -

Children's hat, hand-collected nose, eyes, create a cartoon owl cartoon shape, warmly wrapped around the baby's small head, cute and fan! Color buttons and fur ball cap embellishment, can suddenly attract innocent The eyes of the little tide children bring a touch of lively anger to the lazy season.

Knitting wool is imported bundle of acrylic fiber. Its performance is very similar to wool. It has good elasticity. The rebound rate can still be kept at 65% when stretched by 20%. It is fluffy and soft. The warmth is 15% higher than wool, and the strength is higher than wool. 1 to 2.5 times, known as synthetic wool. It has the advantages of soft and bulky, easy to dye, bright color, light and antibacterial, not afraid of insects and antistatic. Mothers can let the baby wear it with confidence. On cold days, the incomparably warm knitted wool, the left and right sides of the ear protector intimate design, only revealing the cute little face of the baby's palm, is the first choice for warmth.

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