Are Ski Gloves Waterproof

- Oct 13, 2018 -

Ski gloves are waterproof. If the snow particles splash on the hand during skiing, it is easy to melt into water and penetrate into the glove, so the outer fabric of the glove is waterproof. Some people think that the waterproofness of ski suits is more important when skiing. The waterproof performance of the gloves is not very important. The gloves with leather, chemical fiber or rubber materials are very good. The cotton, wool, cashmere and other materials will easily stick to snow. Gloves inside and outside are very damp and cold, causing severe frostbite on the fingers, so sometimes wearing fleece or wool gloves for skiing, even better than bare hands. Relatively speaking, the waterproof performance of veneer gloves is higher.

In fact, ski gloves are important in addition to waterproof performance, and other performances cannot be ignored.

1, slip

In order to ensure that the glove can be grasped more firmly and reliably, it is convenient to grasp the pole, snowboard, tow, cable car, etc., the finger of the ski glove, the palm material is preferably non-slip.

Primary gloves can be bought in the wholesale market for tens of dollars, and they are inexpensive. Need more professional waterproof, windproof, high perspiration and breathable gloves and gloves with high-end products with snow mirror brush and lens velvet. It is recommended to choose a ski shop, which is more professional and complete. The price ranges from two to three hundred yuan to thousands. Yuan does not wait.

2, breathable

The breathability of the gloves is very important. The breathable fabric allows the sweat from the heat to evaporate in time, avoiding the cold feeling when the moisture and the amount of exercise are reduced, and the airtight gloves will cause a lot of sweat to the hands, causing the gloves to smell, and It is also particularly unsanitary. If the gloves are not cleaned in time, the next time you wear them directly, after exercise, you will sweat again. The sweat will easily breed bacteria in a humid, warm environment, which may cause skin infections.

3, strong

Protection is of the utmost importance. It must have certain anti-wear, anti-cutting and anti-shearing ability. Ski wrestling and bumping are inevitable. If the fabric is not strong, the gloves are easily damaged and the hands are easily injured. At present, more professional ski gloves are made of Kevlar material made of bulletproof vests even in the main protective parts, which is very strong and safe.

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