Are Baby Hats Necessary

- Aug 24, 2018 -

The baby's head, especially the newborn's head, accounts for 1/4 of the total length of the body. The head is very large, and the blood vessels in the head are very rich. Because there is no protection from subcutaneous fat, there is a lot of heat. Winter is cold, when you go out with your baby or when the temperature is low, you should put a warm and comfortable hat on your baby. It can keep warm and prevent cold from being caught by the wind. It is also very effective in reducing the body heat. important. In the cool spring and autumn season, you can wear a suitable small single cap for your baby, which can also play a good role in keeping warm.

In the summer, wear a breathable cool cap for your baby to block strong sunlight, make your baby's eyes and skin feel cool and comfortable, prevent heatstroke when going out, and have less lice.

Therefore, in general, it is recommended that Mom and Dad prepare a hat for their own baby. The price of the hat is not expensive. A cute hat not only adds extra points to the baby’s charm, but also gives the baby more care, so the parents also Don't act, prepare a cute baby hat for your baby.

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