A Small Way To Distinguish The Quality Of Cotton Gloves

- Mar 23, 2018 -

A small way to distinguish the quality of cotton gloves

The cotton glove is also called the operating cotton glove. It is a common glove for the production staff. It can be divided into two types: artificial cotton and pure cotton. Winter warm gloves manufacturers summed up the quality of cotton gloves quality differentiation, welcome to common concern.

1, the artificial cotton gloves have good gloss and colors. They are smooth, clean, smooth and free from impurities. The color of pure cotton is not bright and beautiful, and can see cotton shells, impurities and so on.

2, winter warm gloves manufacturers tell you that cotton gloves a little rough and hard sense, and artificial cotton gloves, no matter thick and thin fabric, most of the soft feel.

3, artificial cotton is easy to wrinkle, and is not easy to recover in time, cotton gloves, although there is wrinkle, but less than artificial cotton.

4, the rayon is mostly coarse cotton yarn, thin and has low fastness, low strength, easy spinning, and easy to break.

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