Why is the polar fleece adult skiing glove more popular

- Mar 30, 2018 -

Fleece adult skiing glove is a common type of glove, and has a big quantity demand in the market. Today I will share you an analysis of why the fleece adult skiing gloves are more popular, looking forward to your common attention.

First of all, the main material of fleece adult ski gloves is fleece, which is also called sheep velvet. It is a kind of knitted fabric. Its ingredients are usually all polyester, and the handle is soft. Fleece is knitted by machine woven, after first dyed, galling, carding and shearing, vibration and other complex process. Fleece adult skiing gloves are not only difficult to wool and ball, but can also be combined with all the fabrics to keep the warm effect better.

It can be combined with denim, lamb cashmere, mesh fabric and other fabrics, which can meet the needs of more applications. We are an adult skiing glove manufacturer. If you have any need for this kind of product, welcome to consult and buy.

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