What are the materials for ski gloves?

- Nov 24, 2018 -

Ski gloves, also known as ski gloves, are mainly used in wild adventures and ski resorts. Unlike skiing, which is usually worn in cold snow, the protection of gloves is very high. Not only to keep warm, cold, and breathable, but also to be soft, wear-resistant, and cut-proof. This article introduces you to the fabrics of various parts of ski gloves. If you want to buy ski gloves, you can find out the fabric composition.

The main fabrics of ski gloves are these materials:

(1) High-density pongee

(2) Oxford cloth

(3) Nylon plaid fabric

(4) horizontal stripes tassel;

(5) high-grade PU

Ski gloves

The material of the palm of the ski glove is classified as:

(1) Elastic terry cloth with non-slip plastic drop

(2) Slip-resistant leather

(3) Soft cotton and flannel

Skiing is easy to get on the ski while skiing, so the outer fabric of the glove must be waterproof. Ski gloves are generally made of natural leather and synthetic materials, and the textile fabric used should be treated with a waterproof and breathable layer. Ski gloves should be waterproof when necessary. Warm, labor and decorative gloves.

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