what are ski gloves

- Jul 05, 2018 -

Ski gloves, mainly used in wild adventures and ski resorts, are different from everyday wear, warmth and protective gloves.

The whole process of skiing relies on the poles, so the requirements for gloves are very high. Not only to keep warm, cold, but also soft, wear-resistant, cut-proof. Ski gloves are generally made of natural leather and synthetic materials, and should be made of impervious fabric. When skiing, accidentally a snow splash on your hand, it is easy to melt into water and penetrate into the glove, so the outer fabric of the glove must be waterproof.

The ski equipment must be constantly adjusted during the skiing process, so the ski gloves should be wide and should be separated by five fingers for easy operation. If the wrist of the glove is longer, the cuff can be covered and the wristband can be saved. If there is an elastic band seal, it can effectively prevent the entry of snow. It is best to have a quilted cotton to protect and keep warm.

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