Touch Screen Gloves

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Touch-screen gloves are special gloves used to manipulate capacitive touch-screen products in winter. With its technology and warmth as a whole, it solves the problem of the iphone's freeze-hand operation in outdoor touch-screen phones in winter. This touch-screen glove, in the case of wearing gloves, can also operate the current popular touch screen, for example, contactless pen without keys and multi-touch touch screen operation experience, including traditional single touch technology. This touch-screen glove specializes in capacitive multi-touch screen, can be more touch, more humane, convenient, can bring users a better operation experience

As Apple launched the iphone in 2007, capacitive touch-screen products began to climb the historical stage, after this, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE and other mobile phone manufacturers have introduced capacitive touch-screen products, to 2011, the global touch-screen phone share has accounted for the total smartphone shipments of 75 %。

However, the following is the use of capacitive touch-screen products in winter thermal problems. Because the gloves can not operate capacitive touch screen products (non-conductive), with touch-screen products in the indoor very cold hands. In South Korea, especially at high latitudes, it used to play a capacitive touchscreen phone with sausages in the 2010. At the other end of the population, China also has a lot of people to worry about it. It is understood that in 2010, the Japanese Bai Zizhe also the first time touch-screen gloves into the Chinese market. And in 2011 in China set up a touch-clan trade Co., Ltd., registered the touch of the brand, began China's touch-screen gloves ERA!

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